Introducing Catelectric

Catelectric is a privately held advanced technology development company affiliated with the Technology Incubation Program of the University of Connecticut. It is engaged in the development of applications for its electronic catalysis control system. This system is effective in accelerating and controlling the reaction path of any catalytic chemical reaction.

Applications for this technology include auto emissions (catalytic converters), chemical production, Hydrogen reformation for fuel cells and fuel cell operations, petrochemical refining and production of pharmaceuticals - fine synthesis. In addition, the control system enables the feasibility of difficult reactions, such as the activation of CO2 (see our Carbon Dioxide Conversion page), and commercial production of compounds such as propylene oxide or phenol (oxidation of benzene).


What We Do

Until now, the reaction rate and yield in all catalytic systems was a function of the overall physical properties of the system, which are set for its operational lifetime from the moment the catalyst is prepared and introduced into the reactor. The controllable parameters of the system in operation that had an effect on the rate of reaction are the operating temperature, pressure and flow rate.

Catelectric’s patented, proprietary electronic control system for catalysis manages the reaction rate and path continuously, with control of catalytic yield achieved continuously, in real time.

The benefits of the system are:

Our Mission

Catelectric is the provider of significant improvement solutions to those utilizing catalytic processes. Our specialty is developing targeted solutions for specific reactions and enabling catalytic reactions otherwise economically infeasible.